Living in Ukraine

Living in Ukraine

I was living in Ukraine from 2011-2014

Faced with a culture that was very different from what I was used to. First of all the languages and the Cyrillic alphabet was a big challenge. In general, the culture is very distance from what I was used to. One example is that there is hardly any middle class in Ukraine, so either you are poor or you are very rich.

Why did I end up in Ukraine? I had been working 10 years in the IT industry first as a software developer, for 5 years, then as a Project Manager, for 5 years - at the same time studying to obtain a Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Aalborg. I hold a degree in Computer Science (2000) and a degree in Business Administration in Organization and Management (2011).

When the opportunity arose, I decided it would be refreshing to go and see other part of the world. Not as a tourist, but as a full time employee and resident. After a short period of searching, I was offered to go and work for a Danish outsourcing company in Lviv, Ukraine.

Now I see how much I have learned not only about Ukrainians, their culture and differences between us, but also about working remotely with Danish companies and people. And what is most important, I have learned a lot about myself.

In the 3½ years, I have experienced a war, a revolution, a presidential and a parliamentary election, and even the European Football Championship 2012 that was played in Poland and Ukraine, Lviv was host for three of the matches and two of those had Denmark as one of the participants.